Work Experience

Software Engineer,ViaSat

APR 2021 – Current

Systems I&T Engineer,ViaSat

APR 2019 – APR 2021

Produced a variety of automated test software for Link-16 Next Generation Tactical Data Link radios (BATS-E/BATS-D/BVA/STT). Software was developed for board and system level testing used in development, production, and qualification environments. 

  • Deployed fully autonomous production test software for Thermal (ESS), Vibrational, EMC-Features, and Functional Verification.
  • Maintained automated system that pulls software builds from Jenkins, encrypts builds, then pushes the encrypted build to Artifactory.
  • Implemented 100% automated functional confidence test software used for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Altitude testing.
  • Practiced Version Control/Management standards through the use of Perforce, JIRA, and Agile.
Product Engineer,Menlo Micro SEP 2017 – APR 2019
Developed scalable software for both wafer and unit level testing using NI-PXI equipment greatly improving production output. Automated wafer level analysis tools used between wafer test house and packaging house. 

  • Designed 2-UP software to perform R_on, R_off, VPI, VPO, and Standoff electrical tests. Units were then transferred to a 12-UP station for actuation cycling test. Software analyzed test results upon completion and classified binning for the operator.
  • Built software to remotely control offsite wafer level prober from headquarters in California.
  • Created python script to analyze wafer level test results and produce a pick and place wafer map to be loaded at the packaging house.
Software Test Engineer,Menlo Micro JUL 2017 – SEP 2017
Worked under the mentorship of a senior engineer through the development and implementation of an automated tester for the worlds smallest, quickest, and most reliable MEMS switch. Designed test software architecture to increase throughput and modularize functions for quick test implementation without loosing customizability. 

  • Designed and automated test software to cycle and measure device performance parameters using LabWindows/CVI.
  • Developed a C library executing SCPI commands to source and measure current, voltage, and resistance through a Keithley 24XX series SMU.
  • Configured a micro-controller to send digital signals (SDI) to control on board switch driver.
Software Lead,SEDS UCSD DEC 2016 – JUN 2017

Served as team leader for six software engineers, setting benchmarks for design, testing, and validation of a Cryogenic Bi- Propellant Liquid Fire Rocket Test stand.

  • Software team tasks were to record and display a status indicator for the propulsions system, controls for valve actuation, leak checks, cold flow, hot fire, and aborts all through the use of the Data Acquisition Unit.
Embedded Systems Engineer,SEDS UCSD SEP 2016 – JUN 2017
Participated in a NASA research project building a Cryogenic Bi-Propellant Liquid Fire Rocket Test Stand. Created an 8051 architecture micro-controller firmware for two systems. 

  • Firmware allows operator capabilities of overriding an automated testing sequence remotely with manual control.
  • Firmware forwards the status of the propellant valves to the operator and test controller while commanding valve actuation from either the control box or test controller via a 12 channel multiplexer.